About Us

Maths from the Past is a public history project that aims to showcase the development of mathematics throughout time. The project started in January 2023 and is run by a rotating group of students and staff at the University of St Andrews taking part in the History, Mathematics, and the Public Vertically Integrated Project. Students come from a range of subject backgrounds and academic years, allowing each student to bring unique perspectives to the project. Everyone shares a common interest in the history of mathematics and is enthusiastic about sharing this history with the public.

We are assisted by a supervisory team who provide advice and support to students, and who guide the project in its development:

  • Dr. Isobel Falconer (School of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Dr. Matt Ylitalo (School of History)
  • Dr. Alan Miller and Dr. Iain Oliver (School of Computer Science)

Vertically Integrated Project

Maths from the Past is part of the History, Mathematics, and the Public Vertically Integrated Project (VIP). A VIP is an ongoing research project led by an academic supervisor in which students can participate and gain credit. Students from any year of study and background can contribute and can remain on a project for several semesters. Numerous VIPs are run by the University of St Andrews each year. For more information, please see the links below:



2022-2023 Student Team

Ammi Tian (Tian Zijun)

Andrew Maughan

Arina Benkenova

Ben Tocher

Cameron O’Donnell

Gustavo Velasco Melgar

Isabel Kestler

Julie Hatfield

Murrin McGavock

Nathan Barnes

Yansong Li

2023- 2024 Student Team

Akshitha Vemuru

Ammi Tian (Tian Zijun)

Avery Cohen

Cameron O’Donnell

Charlotte McCarthy

Cyril Corneille

Gurminder Dhillon

Jessica Casey

Josiah DeSarro-Raynal

Lucy Wilson

Qunce Shen

Veronika Volodko

Xuan Wu Xu

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