Takedown Policy

We at Maths from the Past make every effort to comply with copyright and licencing restrictions for images featured on our website. We also endeavour to ensure that all content featured on the website is neither offensive nor defamatory and does not contain personal information about individuals who are still alive and who have not agreed to share this information with us. If you feel that we have breached copyright and licensing restrictions for any image, have featured offensive or defamatory content or have shared the personal information of an individual without prior agreement, please contact us using the email address hmp-vip@st-andrews.ac.uk and include the following details:

  • Your full name and email address.
  • Full details of your complaint.
  • Exact URL where you found the relevant material.
  • An assertion that your complaint is made in good faith and is accurate.
  • If your complaint relates to a breach of your own copyright, please state that you are the rights holder or are authorised to act on their behalf and provide supporting evidence.

Upon receiving a complaint, we will take the following actions:

  • Acknowledge your complaint via email and made an initial assessment of its validity.
  • If your complaint is valid, we will temporarily take down the offending material pending an agreed solution.
  • This solution could involve re-uploading the material unchanged, re-uploading the material with changes or permanently removing the material from the website.
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