Morbid Maths

A black-white photo of André Bloch.
André Bloch.
Image credit:

André Bloch

Did you know there was a mathematician that murdered his family?

a drawing of Cardano in profile, looking left.
Image credit: Girolamo Cardano. Line engraving by K. Ammon, 1652. Public Domain Mark, via Wellcome Collection

Girolamo Cardano, Living Fully, and Predicting Death

Did you know that Girolamo Cardano (sometimes known as Jerome Cardan) predicted the date of his own death… by killing himself?

A picture of the 10 sefirot (or aspects of god).
Picture of the 10 sefirot (or aspects of god)
Image credit: AnonMoos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Hebrew Gemetria

Did you know that to some people numbers represent the nature of God?

A photograph of Ted Kaczynski as a student.
Ted Kaczynski in 1968 as an Assistant Professor.
Image credit: George Bergman, GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Unabomber: A Dark Tale in the History of Mathematics

Did you know that gifted American mathematician Ted Kacynski led a double life as a domestic terrorist?

A portrait of Hippasus. He has long hair, a beard, and a moustache, and is wearing a robe.
Imaginary engraving of the philosopher Hippasus of Metapontumby Girolamo Olgiati 1580. Image credit: Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Hippasus and Irrational Numbers

Did you know a mathematician was believed to have died because of “noodle”? 

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