Maths and Literature Quiz

English schoolmaster and theologian Edwin Abbott embedded mathematical analogy into a satire about Victorian society by using geometric figures in Flatland. Which figure is used to represent working the class?

In The Number Devil, German writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger explores concepts in mathematics through engaging illustrations and simple explanations. Which scenario is used to introduce roman numerals?

Pilish is a style of constrained writing in which the number of letters in consecutive words matches the digits of the number pi. The first word of any Pilish text must start with a three-letter word, followed by a one-letter word and a four-letter word (or a fourteen-letter word), and so on... Which of the following text is not Pilish?

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 4 times 5 is 12, and 4 times 6 is 13 in Alice’s times table. It could be true for different bases. So, if we want to have 4 times 9 is 16, which base should we work with?

Hans Christian Andersen wrote a poem about the Pythagorean Theorem. What is the name of that poem?

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